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Pinnacle Pointe Achieves Deficiency-Free Survey!

March 15, 2018
Atlas Healthcare Solutions is very proud of the team at Pinnacle Pointe for achieving a deficiency-free survey with the Ohio Department of Health!

The annual survey given by the Ohio Department of Health inspects professional care standards, infection control, drug administration, food preparation, and the overall clinical outcomes of the health care administration. The survey process is an extensive, multiple-day, unannouced visit from the inspector team of the Ohio Department of Health.

These survey achievements are a direct result of the team at Pinnacle Pointe's dedication to the vision of nursing home developer, Brian Colleran, which focuses on clinical excellence and resident satisfaction. Atlas Healthcare Solutions is dedicated as the premier healthcare provider throughout Ohio. It is our commitment to deliver the highest level of respect, dignity, and extraordinary service to the patients and residents who entrust us with their care. The team at Pinnacle has embraced these high standards, earning the distinction of a sound and quality reputation within the healthcare industry.

To learn more about Pinnacle Pointe, visit their website by clicking the link below:

Pinnacle Pointe Site

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