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Darby Glenn Reaches Five-Star Ranking

Atlas is very proud of one of our Columbus facilities, Darby Glenn, for obtaining a five-star ranking with the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.  At Atlas, we believe that hard work and dedication to clinical excellence pays off and this is another shining example of the Atlas way!

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Bob's Blog

Our Roots Run Deep
I spent last Saturday evening with our team at Darby Glenn in Hilliard, Ohio. I got to the facility at dinner time and helped serve dinner and feed the residents. It was a perfect time because I could spend some time with the first shift employees and help the night shift nursing assistants get the residents ready for bed...

Levi's Blog

How to Become a (Good) Nursing Home Administrator
I find myself answering some form of this question all the time -- How do I become a Nursing Home Administrator? Quite frankly, if you want to know the answer to that question (and you are in Ohio), check out this link...

JT's Blog

Pay For Performance (Value-Based Pay)
With healthcare transformation sweeping the nation, why shouldn't providers be reimbursed on performance or take on risk? Maybe their practices or facilities can't withstand the financial impact? Maybe...